Solo Lock

Securing the E Scooter revolution, SOLO® has been designed to fit any Scooter stem and becomes part of your journey. It is lightweight but robust enough to deter opportunists, for those stops you make on the way to your destination.

No App. No keys. No worries.

With only your personalised  combination code to remember, SOLO® travels everywhere your ride takes you. 

Lock it      Leave it      Retrieve it



A 90cm long spring-loaded toughened steel cable, coated with plastic, allows it to be locked to many items.


There’s no need to carry it and you can’t forget it. You clamp it to the scooter stem and there it stays.


The reflective front badge included with every purchase helps your child to be seen in the dark.


Can be moved to a bigger scooter as your child grows. Fits child, mini, micro, urban & adult scooters. Great for bikes & buggies too.


Choose from five bright colours to stand out in the scooter park.


Suitable for all Types of Scooters; Mini, Micro, Kickboard, Kickscooters, Urban, and Adult.
Great for Bikes & Buggies too!

Available in a range of colours

Black Scoot Lock
Pink Scoot Lock
Blue Scoot Lock
Red Scoot Lock
Green Scoot Lock

Still not convinced?

Look at what our customers think about SCOOT LOCK®

It only took a couple minutes to put the lock on, and it seems pretty sturdy. I love the fact the metal cable is built in so I know my little guy isn’t going to lose it. This definitely makes me more comfortable with him riding his scooter around when we’re out, since we can lock it up if we go into a store or restaurant.


Really easy to fit onto my daughter’s scooter, it means she can now scoot with me to the shops and lock it up safely outside.

C.M. Smith

They are amazing! Attach permanently to the bike/scooter. Light so they don’t cause a burden and small enough to not get in the way. The cable is coiled up inside the body of the plastic case – just pull it out, wrap round a railing, click into the opposite side and scramble the lock.


I have been using it to lock my kick scooter while running errands and I really love everything about it – its design, size and functionality. Truly cannot ask for anything more in a scooter lock.

Vincent Wong

I’ve been looking for a lock for my sons scooter and this is perfect! It’s easy to set up and even easier for him to use. It’s great that it stays attached to the scooter so it doesn’t get lost or forgotten. He likes being able to set his own code. The numbers for the code are simple to use and they aren’t too loose or too hard to move. I absolutely love this already and so happy that I found it! I did have to contact the seller and she was very quick to respond. I’ll definitely be recommending this to my friends and family.


Super product (I bought two), which I will purchase again when needed. Very easy to attach to the scooter and set a code. Equally easy to use to secure the scooters.

Mrs B

Fab! I use as a pram lock and it’s great! Love the fact it’s combination not key and also the wire is long enough to loop through the chassis, hood and seat of my pram so all nice and secure!


Our son says the lock is BRILLIANT, and easy to use. He didn’t quite understand the mechanics of it initially but found out about the button to release the long cord. VERY GOOD buy for leaving scooters/bikes alone.

Ramsgate rose