Hi. I’m Cheryl, and I am the inventor of SCOOT LOCK®. It’s been a long journey, from my kitchen bench to now, but I hope I’ve come up with the solution to a problem that lots of parents face.

It all started the day my son Finlay had his scooter stolen. It was inconvenient, upsetting for him, and I didn’t need the added expense. Why couldn’t we lock them up like bikes? But then I thought it was unlikely that children would remember a padlock every time they took their scooters somewhere.

By the time we’d walked home, I had the idea in my head. It needed to be a lock that was permanently clamped to the scooter stem. A quick internet search for scooter locks showed there was nothing, like I had imagined, available to buy. So that weekend I found myself making models out of Finlay’s modelling clay.

There was no way I could let the idea go, so I found some fantastic designers in Bristol who understood exactly what I wanted to create. Many variations later, we were ready to make the first prototype.

I got in contact with a manufacturing company in Taiwan, one of the world’s leading lock manufacturers. I decided to jump on a plane to meet these guys in person, and Finlay, then aged three, came too! They gave us a great welcome, we understood each other and SCOOT LOCK® was born.

I’ve had to learn a lot from scratch – product design, development, manufacture and marketing – and though there have been some nail-biting moments, I’m really happy with the final result. I hope you are too.
All the best
Cheryl  Fox



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