The Scooter Lock for all Types of Scooters


The Scooter Lock that goes everywhere your scooter goes

Unlike other locks, which get lost or left at home, SCOOT LOCK™ goes everywhere the scooter goes once clamped to your scooter stem. It is easy to attach, simple to use, and has a combination lock, rather than a key to worry about.
A long adjustable cable means the scooter can be attached to a railing, a post, a tree, other scooters – just about anything!
SCOOT LOCK™ is the solution.

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SCOOT LOCK IS CONVENIENTThere’s no need to carry it and you can’t forget it. You clamp it to the scooter stem and there it stays.Buy One TodaySCOOT LOCK IS SAFETY-CONSCIOUSThe reflective front badge included with every purchase helps your child to be seen in the dark.Click to ShopSCOOT LOCK IS EASY TO IDENTIFYChoose from five bright colours to stand out in the scooter park.Click to Buy One TodaySCOOT LOCK IS PRACTICALA 90cm long spring-loaded toughened steel cable, coated with plastic, allows it to be locked to many items.Scoot to the ShopSCOOT LOCK IS ADAPTABLECan be moved to a bigger scooter as your child grows. Fits child, mini, micro, urban & adult scooters. Great for bikes & buggies too.Click for Secure ScootingFOR ALL TYPES OF SCOOTERSuitable for all Types of Scooters;
Mini, Micro, Kickboard, Kickscooters, Urban, and Adult.
Great for Bikes & Buggies too!Shop this Way

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Free UK Delivery

The Scoot Lock is absolutely brilliant.
So easy to attach to the scooter and so easy to use. I’m really delighted with it.
It’s just an ingenious idea – instead of having to carry a lock around and trying to figure out how to secure one to the scooter. The Scoot Lock is very well made and looks great on the scooter too.
Thanks to everyone at Scoot Lock – a brilliant piece of kit!!
Mary Twomey
Mary Twomey
Mary Twomey
My son loves it! We live on a boarding school campus where “borrowing” bikes and scooters has become a real nuisance.
Since he got back to school on Jan. 3rd, many of his classmates tried to take his scooter but were surprised to to find out about the lock! Sweet revenge.
Here is a picture, I know we mounted it wrong but it works great anyway! Thank you again so much!
Pierre Sardain
Pierre Sardain
This lock is amazing. No longer have to carry a lock or keys for the kids,
this is connected to the scooter. The kids find it very easy to use and gives them the responsibility of taking care of their scooter. WE LOVE IT!!!
Maddy Kadomtzeff
Maddy Kadomtzeff
Thank you so much for our Scoot Lock! My son loves having it attached to his scooter! Not only is it safe and secure for the scooter it’s a great design and really easy to spot in a park. I understand they fit on bikes too so I’ll definitely be buying some more for the kids bikes!
Mrs Barnes
Mrs Barnes
Great light lock for small bike/scooter.
My daughter (4) has a bike and a scooter which she uses all the time to go to pre-school, the shops, swimming pool etc and I found it frustrating that we couldn’t easily leave them outside without carrying quite a large and heavy ‘traditional’ bike lock with us.
Having done some looking around I came across these scoot locks and ordered two. They are amazing! Attach permanently to the bike/scooter. Light so they don’t cause a burden and small enough to not get in the way.
Amazon ReviewREH 30/1/2017
Easy to fit. Feels solid enough.
Amazon ReviewGordon Fowler 8/2/2017
I bought 3 of these locks for my partners grandchildren, And they just love it. They learned very quickly to take responsibility for their scooters, locking them up at school and at the playground they love the colours too. I’ll be buying more for the rest of the kids for Christmas.And they just love it. They learned very quickly to take responsibility …
Amazon Customer Review17/11/2016
Had enough of carrying the scooter home from school but a bike lock just wasn’t suitable. The scootlock is an absolute godsend, daughter can now scooter to school and leave it there without worrying it’ll get pinched. It’s easy to use and it’s secure!
Argos Customer
Argos Customer
5.0 out of 5 stars
Use on prams too!
Fab! I use as a pram lock and it’s great! Love the fact it’s combination not key and also the wire is long enough to loop through the chassis, hood and seat of my pram so all nice and secure!
Amazon Customer 6 July 2018.
Amazon Customer 6 July 2018.Verified Purchase
Just what I needed. Great for leaving my daughter’s scooter at school during the day and looks cool as my 7 year old says.
5.0 out of 5 stars.
Nat, 14 April 2018
Nat, 14 April 2018Amazon Verified Purchase
5.0 out of 5 stars.
Great product. At first I thought it was a little pricey, but then I remembered that previously I’ve ended up buying multiple cheaper locks as they had got lost or we’d forgotten to bring one out with us. Attaches easily, very secure. Matches the green colour of my son’s micro maxi scooter perfectly!
Amazon Customer on 8 June 2018.
Amazon Customer on 8 June 2018.Verified Purchase.
5.0 out of 5 stars. Great buy!
Really easy to fit onto my daughter’s scooter, it means she can now scoot with me to the shops and lock it up safely outside.
C.M Smithon, 22 May 2018
C.M Smithon, 22 May 2018Amazon Verified Purchase