Cuff Lock



If you are looking for the toughest lock on the market, look no further. Cuff Lock is not only SOLD SECURE rated and POLICE APPROVED but is a Master Lock that is made from toughened steel, with FIVE steel chain pivoting links. It comes with THREE personalised keys which operate both cuffs and both cuffs are silicone coated to protect your bike or E-scooter from scrathces. You can travel with it cuffed to your handle bars or around the stem, waiting for those longer stops.

FIVE toughened steel pivoting links connected by steel rivets, making it flexible.
THREE personalised keys which fit both cuffs, keep one on you and the other two at home.

Silicone coated cuffs to prevent from scratching your E-scooter or Bike

Weighs 1400 g
Inside Ø: 7.6 cm
Maximum Ø: 8.8 cm
Chain length: 25 cm
Total length: 56 cm


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