CHRISTMAS IS COMING and I don’t know about you but my goose is getting positively chunky.

The more pro-active among you will have no doubt started your christmas shopping, and and yet again, scooters are set to hunkering down under Christmas trees across the land come Christmas eve. In fact, it is estimated that 30% of babies born in 2016 are expected to grow up using  scooter. Wow! And that makes absolute sense. After all, scooters are a great way for kids to get active and start on their first tottering scoots into independence. But at what age can your little one start scooting? And how do you choose your first one?  Hopefully with these tips, we can help.

With age comes wisdom, or so they say….

The first thing that has to be taken into consideration when buying your first scooter is age. While age may not necessarily be a determination of size or height, it often is a determination of dexterity and motor skills, so you really have to buy the right scooter for your child’s ability. I’ve seen very wee ones on scooters, as quite often toddlers have all the skills required for scooting under their parents’ feet, but also older children who may not quite have got their centre of balance right just yet – it really is your call as a parent. But if you’re worried about them standing and scooting, why not look into a sitting scooter. It’s stability means your toddler can get to grips with the understanding of how to use a scooter without wobbling all over the shop on a standing version.


Micro Scooters’ Sit & Scoot 3 in 1

Once they grow in age and dexterity from the age of 3- 3/12, it might be time to introduce them to a standing model. I think it’s usually best to start with a 3 wheeled version personally, as 4 wheelers can often be quite heavy and difficult to manoeuvre, plus a little one may touch one of the back wheels as they kick back. A three wheeler has a centralised 3rd back wheel, meaning that when your child kicks back, they are less likely to touch the wheel as they go, preventing them from clattering down face first. Furthermore, three wheels can help teach your child balance and coordination, great skills to have as they move further up the scooter/ bike spectrum – or indeed life!

Two wheels good

You know your child’s skills best, you are the best judge of their abilities, so when you feel they are ready it might be time to move them up to a two wheeled option. This is where the fun happens, unless they take a tumble in the move up to said model, in which case keep eye out for our next blog on helmets and accessories. Usually it is around around the age of 5 or so that most children are ready to step it up. The great thing about many of these standing scooters is that they have an extendable stem, meaning that as they grow, their scooter grows with them. Also, of course not every child is the same height, so with an adjustable stem, you can pick the right height for your child, ensuring that they aren’t either stooped over or reaching up, damaging their growing muscles. Plus this has the added benefit of ensuring they can have the best grip possible on their handle bars. Make sure you choose one with a wide base to aid balance, and don’t forget to check out the wheel size too. Again, wider wheels aid balance, and provide more stability over bumpy surfaces.


Finn’s first scooter. And doesn’t he look handsome?

Never miss a trick!

Once your child has got to grips with scooting and is looking for something more adventurous, there are plenty of trick scooters out there. It’s all to easy for our kids to You Tube scooter tricks, and in an attempt to recreate them on a non trick scooter, come a proper cropper. There are plenty out there on the market, and much fun to be had with them, more on those another time.
Now,  I’ve been wittering on a while, and making Finn’s tea waits for no one. For our next blog we’ll move onto one of my favourite subjects….. ACCESSORIES!
Happy Scooting!
Cheryl x


Finn & Me

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